Pune: Check PMC guidelines for visiting Malls, Hotels, lodges etc which will open from Aug 5 

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Pune, 4th August 2020: The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has released standard operating procedures (SOPs) for malls, shopping complexes, hotels, lodges and guesthouses which will reopen from August 5. The accommodation facilities can be provided for 33% capacity, states an order issued by PMC Commissioner Vikram Kumar. He also mentioned that PMC can utilise 67% rooms for COVID quarantine/isolation purposes.

PMC has clarified that only malls, shopping complexes, hotels, lodges and guesthouses which are located outside containment zones, will be allowed to reopen. 


Precautions to be taken by mall management regarding corona restriction:


  • Distance between two people should be atleast six feet
  • Everyone is required to wear a mask
  • Even if the hands do not look dirty, use soap at least 3 times a day, wash atleast for 40 to 90 seconds. Or use Alcohol-based Sanitizer for at least 20 seconds
  • Cover the mouth and nose of the person concerned when coughing or sneezing
  • Also if you use a mask or disposable handkerchief, It also needs to be disposed of properly.
  • Every person inside/coming to the mall should pay attention to his/her own health
  • If any kind of illness occurs, immediately contact State and District Health control room
  • Spitting is prohibited
  • Every person inside/ coming to the mall should have Aarogya Setu app on their phones

Each shopping mall should make the following arrangements in their mall 

  • Thermal screening of every person at the entrance to the mall. Clean their hands using a sanitizer 
  • Sick persons, pregnant women, people over 65 years, children under 10 years, should not be granted entry without any medical reason 
  • Only those with no symptoms should be admitted
  • Masks/ Face Shield worn by mall staff or incoming customers must be used all-time in the mall
  • COVID prevention awareness posters should be put up the main areas of the mall 
  • Customers should be allowed in phases 
  • Care should be taken to maintain a safe distance between individuals
  • Employees who are older, pregnant female employees or employees who are undergoing medical treatment, should not be given work on the front desk 
  • In the mall area and in the parking lot there should not be crowding. Safe distance between people 
  • In a mall where valet parking is arranged, employees should wear hand socks and masks. Pay attention that the key, steering, vehicle door is disinfected properly 
  • Maintain an adequate safe distance between customers in and around the mall. Put signboards 
  • Arrival and departure of customers, staff and goods should be done through separate entry/exit
  • Thermal screening of delivery boys going for home delivery
  • Proper care will be required during supply, handling, storage of goods/goods arriving in the mall. Disinfection should be done periodically 
  • Controlled entry of customers in the mall 
  • Proper distance between customers at seating arrangements
  • Limited people in Lift so that physical distance is maintained
  • Proper distance among customers using elevators. One step gap to be maintained
  • Places in the mall where people frequently touch/contact like elevators, door handle, stairs, benches etc should be disinfected frequently using 1% sodium hypochlorite solution
  • AC system range should be 24-30 Celsius and relative humidity should be in the range of 40-70%, intake of fresh air should be and cross ventilation should be adequate
  • People should be completely prevented from gathering and crowding
  • Toilets, drinking water and handwashing facilities should be frequently cleaned 
  • Suitable masks, gloves used by employees and customers. Malls to make arrangements for proper disposal
  • Clean all toilets after regular intervals 
  • Children’s play area and game arcade premises in the mall will be completely closed
  • Cinema theaters in malls, food courts/restaurants will remain closed. However, the food prepared in the food court/restaurant allowed for home delivery
  • If any suspected person is found, he/she should be isolated in a room with face mask till the arrival of the doctor. Contact the nearest municipal hospital. Disinfect places visited by the suspected person.    


Hotels, lodges, guesthouses, etc. that provide accommodation 

  • Put up notice boards/posters about COVID precautions to be taken by citizens  
  • No crowding in Hotel premises, Parking area
  • Maintain social distance if people standing in a queue 
  • There should be a glass cover around the reception table for safety
  • There should be thermal screening at the entrance
  • Hand sanitizing machine (controlled by foot) for customers. Sanitizer stand should be easily accessible in the reception, guest house and hotel premises 
  • Appropriate personal safety tools such as face masks, gloves, etc. should be made available to employees and customers.
  • When customers enter / exit the hotel and while in the hotel, there should be the use of QR Code, online payment, online form filling so that there is no direct contact
  • Restrict number of people in Lift so that there is proper physical distance
  • AC system should be in the range of 24-30 Celsius, and relative humidity should be in the range of 40-70%, intake of fresh air should be and cross ventilation should be adequate


  • Admission should be given to persons without symptoms of Covid-19.
  • Face should be covered with a mask  
  • Guest ID, travel information, health status, self-declaration should be collected at the reception desk
  • Guest must use Aarogya Setu 

Use of facilities:

  • Strict adherence to the guidelines at the restaurants
  • Meetings should be arranged in such a way that there is a social gap
  • E-menu, disposable paper, handkerchief use should be encouraged
  • Room service, parcel service instead of sitting in a restaurant should be encouraged
  • Only resident guests should have access to the restaurant
  • Gaming Arcade / Children’s play area / Swimming pool / Gymnasium should be closed
  • Large number of meetings, group organization in the premises of hotels, guest houses, lodges, should be prevented. But according to the area of ​​the hall 33% is allowed to be used and the maximum 15 members can be allowed for meetings

Hygiene, cleaning and disinfection:

  • After the customer leaves the hotel, all the curtains, sheets etc in the room should be replaced. The room should be left empty for 24 hours  
  • Toilet, drinking water place, hand washing place: Care should be taken to clean, sanitize and disinfect them from time to time
  • Disinfection of door rings used in restrooms and public areas, Cleaning of elevator/elevator buttons, railings, seating arrangement should be done from time to time. (1% Sodium hypochlorite should be used for disinfection)
  • All toilet facilities should be cleaned, sanitized, disinfected regularly 
  • Disposal of face masks/gloves used by staff and guests


Action to be taken if a suspect or corona infected person is found

  • Sick person should be isolated in a room  
  • Immediately contact the nearest hospital or district/state control room 
  • Disinfection of the premises 

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