Pune: Check Traffic Diversions In Pimpri Chinchwad For Jarange Patil’s March Tomorrow

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Varad Bhatkhande

Pimpri Chinchwad, 23rd January 2024: Manoj Jarange Patil has initiated a foot march from Antarwali Sarati to Mumbai, with a scheduled stop today at Chandan Nagar (Kharadi Bypass), Pune.

The following day, on January 24 (Wednesday), the march will reach the boundaries of the Pimpri Chinchwad Commissionerate. The route will take the procession through various locations, including Rajiv Gandhi Bridge, Jagtap Dairy Chowk, Dange Chowk, Birla Hospital Chaphekar Chowk, Ahimsa Chowk, Mahavir Chowk, Khandoba Mal Chowk, Tilak Chowk, Bhakti Shakti, Hotel Pune Gate Garden Family Restaurant, Dehu Road, and Talegaon, en route to Mumbai.

In light of these events, traffic modifications are being implemented under the jurisdiction of the Pimpri Chinchwad Commissionerate starting from 6 a.m. on January 24. These changes are by the directives issued by Deputy Commissioner Vivek Patil of the Traffic Branch of the Pimpri Chinchwad Police Commissionerate.

As part of the traffic adjustments on January 24, from 6 a.m. until the march reaches the Pune rural area, all vehicle movements (excluding essential service vehicles) will be temporarily suspended. Traffic diversions will be in place, guiding motorists along alternative routes. It is advised that drivers plan accordingly and make use of the suggested alternative routes during this period.

Maratha Morcha in Pimpri Chinchwad

Traffic instructions for the Sangvi Traffic Branch are as follows:

1. Aundh DMart to Sangvi Phata:
– Prohibition of all vehicle types. Vehicles on this route should turn left from Pole Chowk and proceed to their destination via Nagraj Road.
2. Pimple Nilakh to Rakshak Chowk:
– Vehicles from Pimple Nilakh should take the Jagtap Chowk – Kaspate Chowk route via Vishal Nagar DP Road instead of reaching Rakshak Chowk.
3. Intersection below Jagtap Dairy Bridge:
– Vehicles from Kaspte Chowk should directly reach their destination from Shivar Chowk, Kokane Chowk through the grade separator below Jagtap Dairy Chowk. Avoid taking the Aundh Ravet Road on the left and right sides.
4. Shivar Chowk Traffic:
– Traffic from Shivar Chowk should not take right and left turns to Aundh Ravet BRTS Road. Instead, proceed directly through the grade separator from Kaspate Chowk to the desired destination.
5. Tapkir Chowk, MM Chowk to Kalewadi Phata Bridge:
– Entry of all vehicles is prohibited. Vehicles on this route should go from Rahatani Phata Chowk to their destination via Rahatani Gaon – Godambe Chowk.
6. Sangvi to Sangvi Phata:
– Vehicles from Sangvi to Sangvi Phata should take the route via Shitole Pump – Old Sangvi and Vasantdada Putla Chowk – Old Sangvi – Dapodi to reach their destination.

Traffic instructions for the Wakad Traffic Branch are as follows:

1. Tathawade Chowk to Dange Chowk:
Vehicles take a right turn at Tathawade Chowk using the Tathawade Underpass or the Hanging Bridge.
2. Kalakhadak to Dange Chowk:
Vehicles make a U-turn at Kalakhadak and proceed to the destination via Bhumkar Chowk.
3. Wakad Datta Mandir Road to Dange Chowk:
Vehicles turn right or left at Annabhau Sathe Chowk for the desired destination.
4. Chhatrapati Chowk – Kasapte Wasti to Kalewadi Phata:
Vehicles take a left turn at Chhatrapati Chowk towards the destination.
5. Barne Corner Thergaon to Thergaon Phata:
Traffic takes a right turn or a U-turn towards Tapkir Chowk for the desired destination.
6. Thergaon to Birla Hospital Chowk:
Road closure; vehicles use Shri Raghavendra Swami Matha or Barne Corner-Thergaon for their destination.
7. Kaveri Nagar Police Line:
Vehicles avoid the Kaveri Nagar Underpass, taking an alternate route via Wakad Police Station using Datta Mandir Road.

Traffic instructions for the Chinchwad Traffic Branch are as follows:

1. Dalvinagar Chowk to Khandoba Mal and Chinchwad Station:
The road is closed; vehicles should take the route via Bijli Nagar Chowk to reach their destination.
2. River View Chowk to Dange Chowk and Dange Chowk to Mahavir Chowk:
Closure for all vehicles; alternative route through Chinchwade Farm Road via Walhekarwadi Ravet. Bhosari-bound vehicles use Bijlinagar Walhekarwadi.
3. Chinchwade Nagar T Junction from River View:
Vehicles proceed directly to their destination via Ravet.
4. Lokmanya Hospital Chowk to Mahavir Chowk Chinchwad:
Road closed; vehicles turn left at Lokmanya Hospital Chowk and reach the destination via Dalvi Nagar.
5. Khandoba Mal Chowk via SKF Chowk Chinchwad:
Access is closed; vehicles divert via the Bijli Nagar Chowk route to reach their destination.
6. Link Road Pimpri to Morya Hospital Chowk – Keshavnagar:
Vehicles rerouted from Chaphekar Chowk to Moraya Hospital Chowk-Keshavnagar.
7. Mahavir Chowk and Shivaji Chowk Entry:
Closed; vehicles use Mohan Nagar Chowk to reach their destination.
8. Bijli Nagar Chowk to Triveni Hospital Chowk to River View Chowk:
Access is closed; traffic diverted via Ravet to reach the desired destination.
9. Mukai Chowk towards Chinchwad:
Take a left turn at Triveni Hospital Walhekarwadi, and proceed via Parshwanath Chowk, Bhel Chowk. Left turn at Kachghar Chowk, take a U-turn at Bhakti Shakti Chowk and proceed to the destination via Ankush Chowk, Triveni Nagar.

Traffic instructions for the Pimpri Traffic Branch are as follows:

1. Niramay Hospital towards Mahavir Chowk:
Traffic turns left at Niramay Hospital and proceeds to the destination via Morwadi Chowk.
2. Parashuram Chowk to Khandoba Mal Chowk:
Access is closed; traffic is diverted via RD Aaga Road – Thermax Chowk to reach the desired destination.
3. KSB Chowk to Mahavir Chowk and Chhatrapati Shivaji Chowk:
Closure for all vehicles; vehicles turn left at Basaveshwar Chowk and reach the destination via Auto Cluster.

Traffic instructions for the Nigdi Traffic Branch are as follows:

1. Thermax Chowk to Khandoba Mal Chowk:
Traffic takes a left from Parashuram Chowk via Mohan Nagar Chichmanwad instead of RD Aaga Road to Garware Company Compound and T Junction to Khandoba Mal Chowk.
2. Dalvi Nagar Bridge and Akurdi Gaothan:
Traffic diverted via Ganesh Vision and Akurdi Gaothan to reach their destination instead of Khandoba Mal Chowk.
3. Durga Chowk Traffic:
Diverted to Tharmax Chowk or via Yamuna Nagar instead of Tilak Chowk.
4. Bhel Chowk Traffic:
Proceeds via Savali Pure Veg Restaurant instead of Tilak Chowk.
5. Appughar/Ravet and Transport Nagar Traffic:
Route through Ankush Chowk, Triveninagar via subway (underpass) under Bhakti Shakti Circle instead of crossing Bhakti Shakti Bridge.
6. Bhakti Shakti to Dehu Road from Triveni Nagar Ankush Chowk:
Direct route to Dehu Road Mumbai via Appughar Ravet through Bhakti Shakti Circle under subway (underpass).
7. Dehu Road Traffic:
Diverted from Bhakti Shakti Circle to Triveni Nagar Chowk or via Bhakti Shakti Flyover in front of Punegate Hotel, straight through the grade separator to the desired destination.
8. Bhakti Shakti to Mumbai Traffic:
Diverted to the desired destination via the Hanging Bridge.

Traffic instructions for the Bhosari Traffic Branch are as follows:

1. Pune, Khadki, Dapodi, Phugewadi to Bhakti Shakti Chowk:
Vehicles diverted via Moshi Chowk or Kaspate Chowk from Nashik Phata instead of going directly to Bhakti Shakti Chowk.
2. Chakan, Moshi, Alandi to Mumbai side via Nashik Phata:
Vehicles proceed from Panjarpol Junction via Spine Road to Triveninagar, Bhakti Shakti Underpass through Ravet or Nashik Phata Kaspate Chowk to reach the desired destination via Wakad Naka.

Traffic instructions for the Dehu Road Traffic Branch are as follows:

1. Talawade to Dehu Kaman old Mumbai:
Traffic from Talawade towards Dehu Kaman (Entrance) Old Mumbai completely stopped. Vehicles should reach the destination via Dehu village.
2. Mumbai Pune Express Highway:
Complete closure at Somatane Exit and Dehu Road Exit. Traffic proceeds via Bangalore Highway.
3. Traffic to Mumbai via Bangalore Highway:
Complete ban from the old highway starting at Kiwale Bridge. Heavy and small vehicles are redirected to their destination via express highway. Two-wheelers use Kiwale Puncture to reach the desired destination via Krishna Chowk-Lodha Skim-Gahunje Village.
4. Traffic from Mumbai to Pune:
All types of traffic are redirected to the destination via Bangalore Highway from Central Chowk.
5. Bhakti Shakti Chowk Procession:
After reaching Bhakti Shakti Chowk, traffic diverted through Vadgaon Chowk due to the procession using the old highway.

Traffic instructions for the Talegaon Traffic Branch are as follows:

1. Talegaon Chakan Road 548 D towards Mumbai:
Entry is closed for heavy traffic; vehicles are redirected to the desired destination via HP Chowk in Mahalunge Traffic Division.
2. Talegaon Gaothan to Limb Phata:
Traffic from Talegaon Gaothan to Limb Phata diverted to reach the desired destination instead of going straight and right.
3. ABC Petrol Pump Chowk via Balador Township:
Traffic is directed to go straight and reach the desired destination on the left side instead of turning right at ABC Petrol Pump Chowk via Balador Township.

Additional Traffic Diversions Planned In Pune To Ensure Smooth Traffic Flow Of Jarange Patil’s Maratha Reservation Morcha