Pune: Chemical Tanker Overturns on Hadapsar-Saswad Road, Driver Injured

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Reported By Varad Bhatkhande

Purandar, 22nd June 2024: A chemical tanker overturned near Pawar Wadi Corner on Hadapsar-Saswad Road in Purandar Taluka this morning. The driver sustained injuries and is currently receiving medical treatment, though there have been no fatalities. Fire Brigade officials from Pune and Jejuri have responded to the scene.


According to Fire Officer Sachin Awhale, the incident occurred around 7:45 AM when the tanker driver lost control and crashed into a divider, causing the vehicle to overturn. The tanker, which has 12 tyres, was carrying ethanol, posing a significant fire hazard due to its flammable contents.


As a safety measure, traffic has been restricted to one side of the road, leading to congestion. Safety protocols have been established, and the team is awaiting the arrival of a crane. Officer Awhale mentioned that the operation is expected to be completed within one hour once the crane arrives.