Dr. Eknath Pawar Appointed Dean of Sassoon Hospital, Emphasizes Use of Internal Medicine

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Pune, 22nd June 2024: Dr. Eknath Pawar, Head of the Department of Orthopedics at Grant Government Medical College, Mumbai, has been appointed as the Dean of Sassoon General Hospital, in addition to his current responsibilities. He assumed this role yesterday and promptly convened a meeting of the college council.

According to sources, the meeting addressed issues concerning the procurement of medicines and the practice of doctors asking patients to obtain medicines from outside sources. Dr. Pawar emphasized that doctors must not request patients, particularly those from economically backward backgrounds who primarily visit Sassoon Hospital, to purchase medicines externally. Instead, doctors should prescribe medications available within the hospital.

Recent incidents have highlighted instances where doctors at Sassoon Hospital have instructed patients to procure medicines from outside sources. Despite the hospital’s policy to provide free medicines, complaints regarding this practice persist. In response, Dr. Pawar has taken serious note of these issues during his initial meeting and directed all staff to refrain from such practices.

Reflecting on his appointment as Dean, Dr. Pawar expressed his connection to the institution, having been a student there. He acknowledged recent challenges that have affected the institution’s reputation and emphasized his commitment to restoring its former prestige. Dr. Pawar outlined his priorities, focusing on enhancing patient care at Sassoon Hospital and ensuring that all patients receive appropriate and timely treatment.