Pune: Children Born In Prisons Will Now Get New Identity!

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Pune, 17th September 2022: Newborn babies born in prisons will now get a new identity. Earlier, the name of the respective jail was written as the place of birth on their birth certificate. However, according to the order of the Maharashtra state government, the name of that city or village will be mentioned as the place of birth in the birth certificate of the boy and girl child born in the jail.


For women, there are separate Jails in the state. Often pregnant women also have to stay in these jails after being arrested for various crimes. Many after being sentenced by the court, women were sent to jail to serve their sentence. After the delivery of pregnant women, their children’s birth certificates are prepared as per government rules. Earlier, the name of the respective prison was mentioned as the place of birth on these birth records.


It becomes difficult for these children to get admission to various schools and colleges after these children grow up or after the completion of the sentence period of the women concerned. Also, the place of birth record on the certificate was causing problems for them to do business.


Considering this very sensitively, the government has now resolved the issue of the place of birth of boys and girls born in prisons. Henceforth, the name of the city or village where the prison is located will be mentioned on the birth certificate of the children born in the prison. Therefore, these children will be helped to overcome the problems that may arise in the future.