Pune City Witnesses 360% Increase In Drug Seizures In Last 2 Years

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Sumit Singh

Pune, 20th October 2023: Recent data has unveiled a disturbing trend in the Pune city’s drug trade, with a significant surge in both drug cases filed and quantities seized over the past three years.

Data Snapshot:

In 2021, a total of 107 drug-related cases were filed, which increased to 150 cases in 2022, and spiked to 120 cases in 2023. This drastic surge indicates a growing problem that demands immediate attention.


The accused individuals have also shown a substantial rise in numbers. In 2021, there were 154 individuals involved, which increased to 200 in 2022, and reached 143 in 2023. These figures signify the deep-rooted nature of the problem.


Furthermore, the volume of narcotics seized is alarming. In 2021, authorities confiscated drugs valued at 2.5 crore INR, which surged to 9.5 crore INR in 2022, and escalated to a staggering 14.5 crore INR in 2023. This exponential growth in drug seizures underscores the magnitude of the issue.

Police Commissioner Speaks Out:

Pune Police Commissioner, Retesh Kumaarr, expressed deep concern regarding this escalating drug menace. He highlighted that Pune, known for its educational institutions, IT offices, and a youthful population, is now being targeted by drug mafias who seek to exploit the city’s vibrant youth culture. To counter this, the police have intensified their operations, focusing on establishments like restaurants, bars, and clubs operating late into the night, in accordance with state regulations. They are also closely monitoring colleges and other places frequented by young people. The police force includes officers in plainclothes and uniforms, relentlessly working to combat this issue.

Youth at the Center of the Storm:

Notably, a majority of those involved in drug-related activities are young individuals. The city’s rapid development has led to an increased demand for narcotics, creating an ideal environment for drug traffickers to thrive.

Expert Opinion:

Former Additional Director General of Police, Maharashtra, P.K. Jain, shared his perspective on the matter. He highlighted that Pune, the second-largest city in Maharashtra, with its high concentration of IT professionals and youth, is an attractive market for drug smugglers. As the city continues to grow, the demand for narcotics also rises.