Pune Collector Reviews Election Preparations, Stresses High Voter Turnout

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Pune, 12th February 2024: On February 11 in Pune, Collector Dr Suhas Divase convened a meeting in preparation for the upcoming Lok Sabha general elections. The focus of the meeting was on ensuring effective coordination and communication among officers and employees to facilitate the smooth execution of election-related tasks. Dr Divase, along with Additional Divisional Commissioner Annasaheb Chavan and Deputy Commissioner of Pune Municipal Corporation Mahesh Patil, stressed the importance of adhering to Election Commission of India norms and translating them into easily understandable language for all stakeholders.

The meeting also highlighted the necessity of comprehensive training for officers and employees, particularly regarding Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) security. Dr. Divase emphasized joint training sessions involving revenue and police administration to cover topics such as the code of conduct, handling of violations, security measures, and surveillance techniques.

In light of Pune’s technological advancement, Dr. Divase emphasized the importance of maintaining high voter turnout, especially among youth and women, through various voter awareness activities under the ‘Sweep’ initiative, utilizing social media and voluntary organizations for outreach.

Security measures concerning EVMs, including management, surveillance, and logistics planning, were underscored. A detailed plan addressing potential election-related challenges was deemed essential, with a designated coordination room tasked with devising a comprehensive strategy by guidelines from the Election Commission of India.

Identification of critical and vulnerable polling stations, along with proactive measures to address challenges encountered in previous elections, were emphasized. Dr Divase also reviewed various aspects such as staff appointments, election training, procurement of materials, vehicle planning, computerization, adherence to the code of conduct, election expenditures, law and order, and media management during the meeting.