Pune: Congress MLA Demands Withdrawal of Cases Against Festival Organizers in Maharashtra

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Pune, 2nd November 2023: Congress MLA Ravindra Dhangekar has called for the immediate withdrawal of cases filed against workers and organizers of various festivals, including Ganeshotsav and Dahi Handi, in Maharashtra.

Despite Chief Minister Eknath Shinde’s earlier announcement of removing restrictions on these cultural celebrations, cases have been registered against festival organizers, and they have faced humiliation from the police.

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During Ganeshotsav, the state government had granted permission to use loudspeakers until late at night for five days, but many cases have been registered against festival workers under different sections. Dhangekar argued that these actions were unjust and should be halted promptly, with the cases against the festival workers withdrawn.

He plans to meet with Chief Minister Eknath Shinde to discuss this issue further. Dhangekar also had a constructive discussion with Pune City Police Commissioner Retesh Kumaarr regarding the matter.