Pune: Control Room Set Up To Manage Supply Of Remdesivir Injection, Toll-Free Number Released

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Sumit Singh
Pune, 11th April 2021: A day after Pune District Collector declared rules for Remdesivir injection required for Coronavirus disease (COVID19) patients, today a 24X7 control room has been set up which will be operational till May 31 to manage the supply of injections.

The sale of Remdesivir injection has banned outside, and only hospitals have been asked to provide the injections to patients at a government rate. However, those who face any difficulty in getting Remdesivir injections can call the control room on phone numbers 02026123371 or 1077 (toll-free).

Considering the prevalence of the Covid-19 virus and the growing number of patients, it is important to control the sale and distribution of Remdesivir injections in order to streamline the supply of injections, prevent black market and stockpiling.

District Collector Dr Rajesh Deshmukh, who is the chairman of the District Disaster Management Authority, has appointed officials for the District Control Room of Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The District Collector has appointed officials from the FDA and other departments who will manage the control room.

Also, the following guidelines have been issued for the functioning of the control room:

  • The pharmaceutical company producing Remdesivir injection and the stockist should inform the control room about the stock of Remdesivir injection supplied to the stockist by the company. 
  • The stockist should inform the control room about supply to hospitals as per their demand.  
  • In case of any malpractice, the management of Covid-19 Hospital will be held responsible for the injections. Hospitals have to provide injections to patients.
  • All Covid-19 hospital establishments should fill in the updated information of their patients on the Google Spreadsheet of the Food and Drug Administration. They have to demand Remdesivir injection from the stockist according to the medical protocol for the number of patients admitted.
  • Stockist, which supplies all Remdesivir injections, has to supply injection of the same company to Covid-19 hospitals every day. They should not discriminate between hospitals and supply as per the demand. Legal action to be taken against hospital management and stockist for any malpractice.
  • All Covid 19 hospital managers are required to request Remdesivir injections from the stockist themselves without giving prescription to the patients or relatives of the patients as per the medical protocol.
  • To keep a record of the complaints received by the officers and staff of the control room regarding Remdesivir injection and to collect the information according to the demand of the hospital. 
  • To get information from the flying squad about the Remdesivir injection by the officers and staff of the control room and to inform the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Pune.
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