Pune Court Grants Four Days of Police Custody to Surendra Kumar and Vishal Agrawal

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Pune, 28th May 2024: Surendra Kumar Agrawal and Vishal Agrawal, the grandfather and father of the minor accused involved in the Porsche car accident in Pune’s Kalyani Nagar, have been granted four days of police custody by the court. They will remain in custody until May 31st. Additionally, in connection with the incident, two doctors and one peon from Sassoon General Hospital have been arrested on allegations of tampering with the minor boy’s blood sample to determine his alcohol consumption. The court has ruled that Dr. Taware and Dr. Halnor will be in police custody until May 30th.

During today’s court appearance regarding the Porsche car incident, both Surendra Kumar and Vishal Agrawal were present. The session arose from allegations against the Agrawals regarding the alleged coercion of the family car driver into confessing to the crime and threats of death if he did not comply. While Surendra Kumar, the grandfather, had been previously arrested, Vishal Agrawal, the father, was presented in court today. Tensions escalated during the hearing, resulting in a scuffle between the public prosecutor and the defense counsel. Following arguments from both sides, the court remanded the accused Surendra Kumar and Vishal Agrawal to four days of police custody.

Defense Counsel Prashant Patil argued that three different FIRs have been filed in this case, questioning whether the CCTV footage has been tampered with. Although CCTV footage from the Agrawals’ residence has been seized, nothing substantial has been found. The driver, along with his wife, claimed to have fled the accident spot out of fear of mob violence when retrieving his bike.

In response, the public prosecutor emphasized the distinct nature of the accident incident and the need for joint investigations into related incidents. With their phones currently under scrutiny, the prosecutor argued that police custody was imperative to probe any potential involvement of additional individuals. Therefore, a thorough investigation is deemed necessary.

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Key issues raised during the court hearing:

1) Surendra Kumar Agrawal’s Defense: The unfortunate accident occurred, and I immediately approached the driver, advising him to contact his family. Our family holds a reputable and prestigious standing.

2) Public Prosecutor’s Argument: We advocate for seven days of police custody for Surendra Kumar and Vishal Agrawal. The seizure of the driver’s phone, handed over to the police, necessitates further interrogation to explore potential accomplices. Granting an additional seven days of police custody is vital to uncover any further involvement.