Pune: Covid Waste A New Challenge For Housing Societies

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Pune, 13 April 2021: As Pune city leads in the number of Coronavirus disease (Covid-19) cases, it is also on the verge of spreading other infections due to the Covid waste that is generated into the housing societies.

Among the active patients, nearly 75% of patients are home quarantined. Generally, the waste of housing societies is collected by private waste collectors who are now exposed to various other infections due to Covid-19 waste.

Despite Pune Municipal Corporation’s repeated appeal to the patients to segregate their Covid waste, citizens have given the warning a deaf ear. Residents are supposed to segregate the waste, spray sanitiser on it and label it before handing it over to the waste collectors. But this is not happening.

PMC has also labelled the houses, where people are home quarantined. Similarly, have sealed the buildings that have more than 20 patients. At such places, waste collectors know about it. But in the small housing societies, it is a lurking danger.

This is also harmful to the health of society too.