Pune Crime Branch Brings Missing Gautam Pashankar From Jaipur

Pashankar Pune police
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Mehab Qureshi

Pune, November 25, 2020: After 33 days of search, missing Gautam Pashankar has been brought to the city by Pune Police Crime Branch. The 64-year-old Pashankar had gone missing since October 21 and many controversies started revolving on social media.

Meanwhile, police also recovered a suicide note which stated that he had suffered business loss and nobody should be blamed for his actions. Since Crime Branch-Unit 1 traced him in Jaipur, they brought him back to Pune via a flight. However, it has not been clear yet as to why he left.

Clarifying on this issue, DCP (Crime) Bachchan Singh said, “Prima facie it seems that he was under depression due to financial dues and hence got influenced by suicidal tendencies. As a result, he left Pune on October 21 and roamed around in various cities of India, finally reaching Jaipur on November 21, where unit-1 tracked him yesterday.”

“Upon questioning him it is learned that while he roamed in various cities, he thought of family and the consequences of his adverse action on them, and hence dropped the idea of suicide. There are no other angles to his missing case”, added Singh.