Pune: Deputy CM Ajit Pawar Urges PM Modi’s Support for Water Access from Mulshi Dam

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Daund, 26th April 2024: On Thursday (25th April), Rahul Kul held a public meeting to demonstrate strength in campaigning for Sunetra Pawar, the Mahayuti candidate in the Baramati Lok Sabha constituency. The meeting received a great response. Deputy Chief Minister of Maharashtra State and Guardian Minister of Pune District Ajit Pawar was speaking at the time.

Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar said, “We will seek the help of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to obtain water from Mulshi Dam. If Pune city and district wish to quench their thirst, there is no option but to utilize water from Mulshi Dam. This dam belongs to the Tata Company.”

Guardian Minister of Pune district Ajit Pawar added, “If we aim to access water from the Tata Company, only Prime Minister Narendra Modi can facilitate it. For the development of India, Maharashtra, Pune district, and Daund taluka, MPs should be elected in alignment with Modi’s vision.”

Present at the occasion were MLA Rahul Kul, Premsukh Kataria, Vasudev Kale, Namdev Barawkar, Tanaji Divekar, Nandu Pawar, Kanchan Kul, Rahul Shewale, Ganesh Jagdale, Neelkanth Shitole, Harishchandra Thombre, Mangaldas Bandal, Vasant Salunke, Gyandev Takwane, Appasaheb Handal, Vilas Gavane, Mohan Mhetre, Rajesh Patil, Dadasaheb Keskar, Sampat Atole, etc.

Kataria asserted, “Sunetra Pawar will undoubtedly secure a majority from Daund taluka, but after victory, we aspire for development akin to that of Baramati.”

In response, Kul appealed, “Let’s collaborate on the water issue. I have always worked with integrity, though sometimes our efforts have not borne fruit. Our contributions should be acknowledged further. We work unconditionally, focusing on all-around development, including projects like the embankments, sports complex, police colony, and railway flyover. We also advocate for the demands of OBCs. Over the past 23 years, I have only responded when criticized. The sustenance of my father Subhash Kul’s legacy was possible only because of the dedication of activists.” Rahul Kul’s emotional expression resonated with the audience, prompting encouragement from Ajit Pawar.


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Additionally, plans were unveiled for the establishment of an educational complex in Daund.

Pawar emphasized, “We intend to establish an educational complex in Daund taluka, mirroring the success of similar initiatives in Indapur and Baramati. While Modi leads at the national level, I am committed to the state’s progress. Let’s vote based on rational considerations, not emotions. We pledge to ensure that Daund’s development does not suffer from a lack of funding. However, this necessitates a government aligned with Modi’s vision at both the state and national levels.”