Pune Family Court Grants Divorce Within 19 Days Under Hindu Marriage Act

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Pune, 26th April 2024: On April 19, the Family Court, Pune granted a petition for divorce under section 13B of the Hindu Marriage Act with immediate effect. The petition, filed on April 1, 2024, saw swift action due to a compelling argument put forth by Advocate Prajakta Deshpande, who requested the waiver of the statutory six-month waiting period typically required in such cases.

Advocate Deshpande’s application to bypass the waiting period was supported by references to key judgments from the Hon’ble Supreme Court, providing a legal foundation for the expedited process. As a result, the couple, whose marriage lasted only 14 months, obtained relief within a mere 19 days of filing their petition.

The petitioners,one of them is employed in an IT company, and another one is working in a pharmaceutical firm, found themselves freed from the constraints of an unsuccessful marriage, thanks to the diligent efforts of their legal counsel.

Advocate Deshpande argued convincingly that prolonging the waiting period would only exacerbate the mental anguish experienced by the couple. By seeking early resolution, they could swiftly move forward with their lives, avoiding further emotional strain.

During the proceedings, Advocate Deshpande received valuable support and cooperation from Advocate Pushkar Patil and Associate Advocate Samarth Hundekar, contributing to the successful outcome of the case.