Pune: Deteriorating Footpaths in Viman Nagar Pose Grave Safety Concerns for Pedestrians

Deteriorating Footpaths
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Viman Nagar, 13th August 2023: The once-safe footpaths of Viman Nagar, a locality under the jurisdiction of the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC), have fallen into a state of disrepair, posing significant hazards to the safety of pedestrians.


The residents said that a casual stroll along these footpaths reveals a distressing reality – the presence of large stones and obstacles that obstruct the path, creating treacherous conditions for pedestrians. These obstructions not only impede smooth movement but also put the safety of those using these paths at risk. Adding to the peril, disorganized and protruding wires are strewn across the footpaths, increasing the potential for unsuspecting pedestrians, especially seniors and children, to sustain injuries.

The plight of senior citizens and young children is particularly disheartening. Instead of enjoying leisurely walks, elderly residents now fear for their safety due to the uneven terrain and hazardous conditions. For children, who should be free to explore their surroundings, the risk of tripping or getting hurt by exposed wires casts a shadow over their outdoor activities.

The presence of wires on footpaths presents a myriad of problems and hazards, including:

  1. Tripping and Falls: Disorganized wires pose a significant tripping hazard, especially for the elderly and children, increasing the risk of injuries ranging from minor bruises to severe fractures or head injuries.
  2. Injuries: Exposed wires with sharp edges or conductors can cause cuts, scrapes, or even electrical shocks upon accidental contact, leading to painful injuries requiring medical attention.
  3. Accessibility Issues: Obstructing wires hinder the movement of individuals with disabilities who rely on assistive devices, contradicting principles of inclusivity and equal rights.
  4. Visual Pollution: Haphazardly hung wires mar the aesthetics of the area, contributing to visual clutter and diminishing the neighborhood’s appeal.
  5. Pedestrian Deterrence: The presence of wires may discourage footpath usage, pushing pedestrians onto roads, endangering their safety and contributing to traffic congestion.
  6. Property Damage: Entanglement with wires can damage personal property, leading to financial losses for pedestrians.
  7. Disrupted Services: Exposed utility or communication cables may suffer service disruptions due to environmental exposure and pedestrian interference.
  8. Public Perception: Wires strewn on footpaths reflect poorly on neighborhood maintenance and infrastructure, potentially impacting property values and deterring visitors and investors.
  9. Safety Concerns: Live electrical cables among exposed wires pose a grave risk of electrocution, especially during wet conditions.

Addressing these issues demands immediate action from relevant authorities and utility companies to ensure proper management and secure placement of wires, either underground or along utility poles. Consistent maintenance, meticulous installation, and effective coordination among service providers are essential to guarantee safe and accessible footpaths for pedestrians of all ages and abilities.

Residents express deep concern that despite numerous complaints from vigilant citizens, the Pune Municipal Corporation has yet to take decisive action to rectify this perilous situation. Footpaths, designed to offer a secure passage for pedestrians, have transformed into sources of danger and distress.