Pune: Thieves Arrested After Flying In From Delhi, Gold Jewelry Worth Rs 1.6 Lakh Recovered

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Kondhwa, 13th August 2023: The Kondhwa police have arrested two thieves who arrived in Pune via a flight from Delhi and carried out a burglary at a residence. The stolen loot, consisting of gold jewelry valued at Rs 1 lakh 60 thousand, has been successfully recovered.


The detained suspects have been identified as Rizwan Azmat Ali (32 years old, resident of Libaspur, Delhi) and Ikarar Naseer Ahmed (27 years old, resident of Uttar Pradesh). The arrest came following a complaint filed by a local businessman.


The targeted residence is situated in the Kranti Chowk area of Kondhwa. On July 13, the accused individuals perpetrated a theft, making off with gold ornaments and cash from the businessman’s abode. A formal case was promptly registered at the Kondhwa police station, initiating a thorough investigation into the matter. Acting on credible information, the police investigation team learned that Rizwan and Ikarar were exhibiting suspicious behavior in the Gokulnagar area. Their activities included surveying residential societies lacking security personnel.


In response, a police team efficiently devised a trap, successfully apprehending both suspects. Subsequent interrogation led to the confession of their involvement in the burglary. The stolen cash, which the criminals had concealed in a Delhi residence, was subsequently confiscated by the police. The sum recovered amounts to Rs 1 lakh 60 thousand. Notably, Rizwan is a known criminal with a history of offences.


The investigation was conducted under the supervision of Senior Police Inspector Santosh Sonwane of Kondhwa Police Station, and included Inspector (Crime) Sanjay Mogle, Sandeep Bhosle, Sub Inspector Swapnil Patil, Constables Satish Chavan, Nilesh Desai, Gorakhnath Chinke, Jyotiba Pawar, Dyaneshwar Bhosle and Anil Bankar.