Pune: Development Works At Pimpri And Bhosari Confirmed

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Chinchwad, 13th February 2023: Since there is a by-election in the Pimpri-Chinchwad assembly constituency, the code of conduct is applicable. Therefore, Commissioner and Administrator Shekhar Singh has started approving works in other parts excluding the scope of the Chinchwad Assembly. The work in the Chinchwad area has been put on hold due to the by-election.

BJP MLA Laxman Jagtap passed away on January 3. After that, the by-election program for the Chinchwad constituency was announced on January 18. However, the code of conduct will be applicable till March 3 for the by-elections. Therefore, public communication meetings held in all eight regional offices of the Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation (PCMC) have been canceled. Also, the standing committee and general meeting were canceled.

Development works in Pimpri and Bhosari was “lost” while the Code of Conduct was in Chinchwad. However, if there is an election in an Assembly constituency, the code of conduct will be limited to that constituency, according to the rule of the Election Commission. Based on this, Commissioner Singh explained that the code of conduct will only apply to the Chinchwad Assembly Constituency.

Also, since the code of conduct is not applicable in the areas of Pimpri and Bhosari Assembly constituencies, he has instructed the department heads to continue the work in those areas as before. After that, it is clear that the development works in Bhosari, Pimpri will continue. Accordingly, Commissioner Singh has started approving the necessary matters without holding a standing committee meeting with the officers.

Even when the development works in Bhosari and Pimpri have been approved by the Commissioner, the misuse of the order of the Election Commission has also come to light. If the tender is released at the city level, the said tender cannot be sabotaged, but the tender for skill training has been sanctioned by sabotage, so there is a possibility that this matter will get stuck in the thick of the law. The important thing is that even though the said work is for personal benefit, the approval given by the commissioner has become a topic of discussion.