Pune: Dispute Over Seats In Sinhagad Express; Citizens Demand More Bogies

General Bogies Of Sinhagad Express And Deccan Queen
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Pimpri, 12th October 2022: Due to the increase in the number of passengers, the trains are getting crowded. It has come to fore that there are disputes over seats. A similar argument broke today morning in the Sinhagad Express. However, some passengers intervened and settled the dispute.


The Sinhagad Express departing from Pune reached Chinchwad at 6.40 am. After that, there was a huge crowd and the passengers started running. There was a crash to get a seat on the railway. Some of the passengers got into a physical fight and a scuffle started on the running train. But some daily travellers intervened and settled the dispute.


Women as well as senior citizens have to put in a lot of effort to travel on this train.


The number of passengers going to Mumbai by Sinhagad Express are very high resulting in the trains being full every day. There are more passengers on the train than the capacity. Also, there was a huge crowd to get in and out of the train at every station. This increases the possibility of an accident.


The number of passengers coming and going from Pimpri-Chinchwad city to Mumbai is huge. A large number of businessmen and traders come and go to Mumbai from Pimpri. From Chinchwad, students as well as MIDC workers and other workers go to Mumbai. Therefore, Pimpri Chinchwad demands that more separate bogies should be added to this train for Pimpri-Chinchwad city.


In this regard, a statement has also been given to the concerned officials of the railways and public representatives.


Iqbal Mulani, President of the Railway Passengers Association Pimpri Chinchwad said that if bogies are available, it will help avoid inconvenience to passengers.