Pune District Gears Up for Lok Sabha Polls: Dr. Suhas Diwase Calls for Effective Communication Strategy

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Sumit Singh & Tikam Shekhawat

Pune, 28th March 2024: Dr. Suhas Diwase, the District Collector, emphasized the need for a comprehensive communication plan for the upcoming Lok Sabha General Election during a meeting with Election Coordination Officers. The meeting aimed to review the preparations for the election process and ensure effective communication strategies are in place to fulfill various responsibilities.

Conducted through a video conferencing system at the Collectorate, the meeting saw the participation of key officials, including Baramati Election Returning Officer Kavita Dwivedi, Maval Election Returning Officer Deepak Singla (via video conferencing system), Resident Deputy Collector Jyoti Kadam, Deputy District Election Officer Meenal Kalaskar, and Election Coordinating Officers.

Dr. Diwase stressed the importance of incorporating various aspects such as polling, security, and disaster management into the communication plan to facilitate the efficient completion of tasks. He highlighted the necessity of addressing the voting needs of senior citizens and disabled citizens within this plan.

Ensuring adequate manpower for polling in each Lok Sabha constituency was underscored, with an emphasis on providing proper training to the personnel. Timely completion of tasks related to the voter list and prompt resolution of complaints received at the control room were also emphasized.

Key areas reviewed during the meeting included planning for the counting center, security arrangements, facilitation of senior citizen voting, distribution of voting materials, training of polling staff, provision of facilities in polling stations, management of postal voting, handling complaints on the C-Vigil app, granting permissions for election campaigns, and adherence to the model code of conduct.