Pune Doctor Helps Treat Patient Suffering From Umbilical Hernia

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Pune, August 2016: Dr. Pradeep Sharma, a Surgeon in Pune, who is attached to various institutes like Jehangir Hospital, Noble Hospital, Inamdar Hospital and Ruby Hall Clinic in Pune, has successfully performed a surgery for Umbilical Hernia repair. The doctor well versed with the technique of Hernia patch, performed the surgery using this new technique after being approached by Mr ABC and understanding his medical conditions.

The Hernia Patch technique which was used by Dr Pradeep for this surgery requires only 20 to 30 mins. In this technique the hernia defect is cleared, intestines pushed in and the patch is inserted through the gap. The technique is simple, quick and can be done under regional anesthesia which proves as a boon to a high risk patient

Mr ABC a resident of Kanpur who was overweight and with non-correctable liver condition leading to accumulation of fluid in his belly & low in platelets, made the situation more complicated. Due to increase in the intra abdominal pressure due to the fluid he developed an Umbilical he had some episodes of Obstructed Umbilical hernia (Intestines getting stuck in the defect) and was fortunate that they resolved without any serious complications.

In this circumstance Dr Pradeep said, “After considering his medical condition since Laparoscopyand traditional open surgery could prove disastrous for him we decided to optimize the Hernia Patch technique surgery under regional anesthesia by removing the fluid periodically as well as stepping the dose of his diuretics through a small 2 cm cut around the navel. The patch has a Dual layer technology there by the intestines coming in contact with the patch do not stick to it thereby avoiding chance of intestinal blockage. The surgery was performed successfully and the patient was discharged from the hospital in 2 days after the surgery and went to his native place after 10 days”.

The patch in principle is an Inlay repair: A method which has the highest success rates and also stands advantageous with the benefits of both the traditional and keyhole surgery. The technique has also been beneficial to high risk patient.