Pune: DORBIT Foundation celebrates National Tree Day with a tree plantation drive at Apang Sansthan

Tree Plantation drive by DORBIT Foundation NGO
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Pune, 6th August 2023: National Tree Day is celebrated on the first Sunday of August every year. In a bid to combat climate change and foster a greener environment, Pune’s DORBIT Foundation NGO, launched an exhilarating Tree Plantation Drive. With a mission to promote sustainability and biodiversity, this transformative campaign aimed to plant trees in a school.

As part of the “One Time Activities” initiative, volunteers of DoRBit Foundation plan to take up new social projects every month. This initiative was launched by a tree plantation drive at Mahatma Phule Apang Prashikshan Kendra (MPAPK) Hinjawadi Phase 3, Maan village of Pune. MPAPK seamlessly combines the role of a training institute and a welcoming hostel catering to the needs of physically challenged adults. Institute Headmaster Shri Ganesh Jagtap emphasized the importance of tree participation. He said, “Our aim is to instil a sense of responsibility towards the environment in every individual including our students. By involving the community in tree planting activities, we hope to foster a collective consciousness and long-term commitment to safeguarding our natural resources.”

This initiative was led by DORBIT core team members Vijaya Shrivastava and Abhishek Singh who planned and executed the event well, they thanked all the volunteers and their family members for being part of this social cause. Shankar Pandey and Purpose for Life group volunteers played a key role in this drive, by selecting appropriate trees and a commitment to ensure the required maintenance of plants in the future too. Kids also enthusiastically joined forces for this noble cause, wholeheartedly engaging in the activity, and learning the significance of a green environment. One of our active volunteers Suhas Maske did tree plantation at Aurangabad location to support the cause.

DoRBit Foundation members Vipin Mohit Shrivastava, Indrajit Roy, Impa Roy Shrivastava, Abhishek Singh, Vijaya Shrivastava, Shankar Pandey, Sarojben Panchal, Tanaya Kapole, Suzanne Mondal, Raushan Kumar, Anjali Kumari, Puspa Roy, Vinod Kumar Singh, Punam Bhalekar, Rakeysh, Sahil, Shruti, Nikhil Kushwaha, Mayank Mishra, Vidyadhar Misal, Parul Anand, Mrinal Thakur, Anurag Kautilya, Punam Bhalekar, Vankat,Tanaya kopale, Aslam Dhanani, Karan Mishra, Monica Chaudhary,Guru Raj, Rahul Pathak, Ritesh Puri, Kenisha Shrivastava, Atharva Shrivastava, Ayansh Singh,Trisha Singh, Mangesh Satpute, Snehal Akotkar Satpute, Vardhan Satpute,and Dyuti attended the event and did their bit for the tree plantation drive. 

The event was concluded with a pledge to keep the environment green and to provide the required maintenance to the planted trees in the future too.