Pune: DoRBit Foundation Distributes Ration Kits To Underprivileged

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 Bhor, 20th June 2021: DoRBit Foundation is a Pune-based NGO run by senior entrepreneurs and a few passionate IT professionals who focus on bringing a significant difference in the lives of people.

On 12th June, the team visited Nasrapur village of Bhor Taluka in Pune district to distribute 53 ration kits to underprivileged families. The good work was deeply appreciated by the senior government officials present at the occasion.

Milind Ingulkar, a senior member DoRBit Foundation took the initiative to identify the place and the beneficiaries. His vision and leadership brought together the management team and volunteers whose combined efforts took this drive to successful completion.

Founder member of the NGO Vipin Mohit Shrivastava informed that DoRBit Foundation is primarily working in the direction of the betterment of the education system and to support the underprivileged students. He also mentioned that initiatives like these not only help for the upliftment of people and community as a
whole but also makes us one.

The vote of thanks included the entire team and recognized the tireless efforts made by Milind Ingulkar, Rahul Tilak, Priya Gupta, Aslam Dhanani, Bhavna Kandwal, Vinayak Jarande and Hina Azad for their assistance and provision in this initiative.

Ashish Rai, core committee member- DorRBit Foundation expressed his immense concern towards the rapid increase in the cases of child labor, highlighting the gruesome consequences if such cases are left unchecked. He expressed his apprehension that today if we fail to save our children and fail to provide them a secured well cultured society then we fail as responsible individuals and citizens. Hence it is a must that we all pick up our roles in this battle to bring justice and happiness in the lives of the innocents.  He encouraged everyone to be a part of the revolution and urged all, that every single effort count, requesting people to provide support to such children and families.

Foundation Director Impa Roy Shrivastava thanked all volunteers, donors and vendor partners for their contribution. He inspired and motivated everyone to keep doing their bit for the betterment of their surroundings and together with our country.