Pune Road Rage: ST Bus Woman Conductor Dragged On Bonnet Of Car, Driver Assaulted

Pune road rage woman bus conductor
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Khed, 24th June 2021: Raged over not giving side to over-take, unknown private car owner dragged the lady conductor for about 100 meters and broke the glass ceiling of the Maharashtra State Transport Corporation (MSRTC) bus at Tukaibhamburwadi on Pune- Nashik Highway.

Meanwhile, ST driver Sadu Kisan Bhalerao has complained against the unknown car driver at the Khed police station. Rajgurunagar depot bus was going towards Manchar when at Tukaibhamburwadi a car driver stopped the bus by parking his car. Later, he with the help of a wooden rod broke the glass of the bus and started hitting the bus driver.

When lady conductor Sarika Chinchpure tried to intervene saying that he should not do this as both of them are on their government duty, the car driver said why didn’t you give me the side? I have a right to murder one person. I will see you both. You don’t know who I am?

Chinchpure requested him to wait till the higher officials come to the spot, he tried to run away. So Chinchpure held the car wiper. Angered by it, the car driver started his car and dragged her for 100 meters. He stopped when the passer-by shouted at him.

Police have filed various charges against him and further investigation is going on. Assistant Police Inspector Varsha Rani is further investigating the case.