Pune: Due To Lack Of Instruction Boards, New Tourists Miss Path To Sinhagad Fort

sinhgad fort
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Pune, 1st August 2022: Many new tourists are losing their way while going up and coming down the trail leading to Sinhagad fort from Atkarwadi. Since there are no direction boards on the route and in many places two roads can be seen in front, the first time tourists are taking a difficult path by mistake. Due to this, tourists are getting injured by falling from the steep slopes and rocks made slippery due to rain. Also, as there is no lighting system at night, there is a possibility of a major accident.

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There is a 2.5 km of footpath from Atkarwadi to reach Sinhagad on foot. On this trail, the rock has been exposed in many places due to the flow of rainwater. Tourists who are walking to the fort for the first time try to pass through the mud formed by the water while mistaking the road and wandering in the dense forest or going to the highly dangerous cliff. Due to this, many young tourists are injured. Therefore, before a major accident occurs, it is being demanded by the citizens who come for regular trekking that the forest department must install directional boards on the footpaths and arrange street lights to see the road at the night.

“Regular visitors to the fort do not face any problem as they know the road, but those who come for the first time miss the two roads ahead. Some of the roads are on the side of a very deep valley and some are steep. Accidents are likely to happen at such places,” said Sagar Mate, regular trekker, from Khadakwasla.

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“I have been walking to and from Sinhagad regularly every week for twenty-five years. The administration has spared no expense for the convenience of pedestrians. There is a need to arrange direction boards and street lights at various places. This is very necessary for the information and safety of the newcomers,” informed Narayan Battul (Master), Regular Trekker, from Somwar Peth, Pune.

“The paths will be inspected and direction boards will be installed at the necessary places immediately. A decision will be taken after discussing with the seniors about the arrangement of road lights. Those who come and go to the fort at the night should use batteries,” said Babasaheb Latke, Khanapur Forest Circle Officer.


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