Pune: Girl Breaks Her Leg While Sightseeing In Kataldhar Falls; Shivdurg Rescue Team Along With Mumbai Trekkers Come To Rescue

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Lonavala, 1st August 2022: A girl’s leg was fractured after she slipped near Kataldhar, a waterfall between Lonavala and Rajmachi fort. The girl was stuck and unable to move. The Shivdurg rescue team, along with trekkers from Mumbai, rescued the girl.

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Prajakta Bansode, a member of ‘Shivdurg’ who went trekking in the Kataldhar area, informed the Shivdurg rescue team about the incident, and the rescue operation started immediately.

After receiving the information, the Shivdurg rescue team coordinated with its members while gathering safety materials and reached the spot from Phansarai within one and a half hours.

After reaching there, the girl was given immediate first aid and taken further on a stretcher. The girl was brought out and then sent along with her group for further treatment in an ambulance.

The girl has been identified as Supriya Gawane, a resident of Nagpur who is currently staying in Pune. Supriya, along with a group of six people, had come for sightseeing in the Kataldhar Falls area. After reaching the waterfall, she slipped on a stone and fell, fracturing a leg.

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Shivdurg rescue team members Rohit Vartak, Sameer Joshi, Yogesh Umbre, Amol Parchand, Omkar Padwal, Sachin Gaikwad, Anand Gawde, Rajendra Kadu, Kunal Kadu, Ashok Umbre, Chaitanya Wadekar, Pranay Ambhure, Hemant Patil, Prajakta Bansode, Anil Andre, Daksh Katkar, Tushar Satkar, Sachin Wadekar, Yash Wadekar, along with Mumbai trekkers—Leander Vaz, Joel Wilfred, Sushant Vyande, and Jai Sonar—took Supriya out of the forest and sent her for further treatment.