Pune: Elderly Woman’s ‘Don’t Want To Beg’ Message Wins Netizens Hearts

Pune old woman prefers selling pens than begging on streets
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Pune, 18th October 2021: Life is full of novelty. It surprises you at times and sometimes it makes you think twice. This is what happened with Shikha Rathi, a Pune based entrepreneur who was taken by surprise when she met an old lady on MG road in Pune Camp.

Sharing her experience on micro-blogging site Instagram, Shikha said, “I met this wonderful old lady Ratan who was smiling with no teeth in her mouth. She said, “Please buy blue pens for just Rs 10”. Shikha said, “When I offered her help, she refused to take and insisted that I buy pens from her.

Ratan, clad in traditional Maharashtrian nine-yard saree was carrying an open cardboard box. It was written, “I do not want to beg. Thank you. Bless you”.

Shikha in her post said, “She thanked us and didn’t even push us further to purchase more pens from her. Her integrity along with her sweet smile, kind heart and joyful attitude made me purchase more pens from her!

While ending her post Shikha said as P.S If you’ll are in MG road, Pune I would really like to encourage you’ll to interact and buy the pens from her!

It will definitely bring a smile to your face!


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