Pune: Electric SUV Caught Fire On NDA Road, No Casualties

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Pune, 14th January 2024: In a startling incident this Sunday afternoon, an electric SUV caught fire in Shivane on NDA Road, creating a harrowing scene for onlookers. The incident unfolded around 2 pm on January 14th, sending shockwaves through Dudhanewasti in Shivane.

Eyewitnesses reported that two young individuals narrowly escaped the blazing vehicle before it became an inferno. A vigilant commuter on NDA Road recounted, “I was traveling when I noticed the electric SUV ablaze. I rushed to assist the youths, attempting to douse the flames, but unfortunately, the fire intensified rapidly.”

With no time to spare, the quick-thinking occupants dialed emergency services, bringing the fire brigade to the scene promptly.