Pune: Small Shop Owners Unite Against ‘Biased’ PMC Anti-Encroachment Drive

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Pune, 14th January 2024: Small shop owners and tenants will protest against what they deemed a biased anti-encroachment drive by the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC). The demonstration will take place on Monday, 15th January 2024.

The protest aimed to voice opposition to perceived partial actions taken during an operation at Mantri Estate Co-operative Society in Salisbury Park on 10th January. Shop shades were pulled down, but no action was taken against the alleged illegal construction of 8 flats on the terrace of Mantri Estate Housing Society.

Representatives of the affected small businesses and tenants, including Hasib Kalmani, Dr. Payal Shah, Ashok Shirve, and Hemraj Choudhary, held a press conference to shed light on what they claim to be the PMC’s unjust actions. The conference also served to announce the Dharna Agitation scheduled for the same location on Monday, 15th January 2024.

Kalmani expressed concern over the Anti-Encroachment Drive, alleging that it unfairly targets poor shop owners and tenants while turning a blind eye to illegal constructions like rooftop hotels, terrace flats, and godowns. He emphasized the need for a high-level inquiry into the entire drive and stated that their demand for such an investigation stands firm.

Furthermore, Kalmani disclosed the establishment of a platform for affected shop owners, flat owners, and tenants impacted by what they perceive as a biased anti-encroachment drive. He highlighted the lack of notice and inadequate time given to property owners as additional grievances. Kalmani asserted their commitment to fighting for justice at all levels to rectify what they believe to be an unjust situation.