Pune: Electricity Consumers Can Now Send Metre Readings To MSEDCL

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Mrunal Jadhav

Pune, 23 April 2021: Now electricity consumers have the facility to send meter readings on their own every month. Due to increasing cases of Covid-19, many areas have been declared as containment zones. Therefore, if it is not possible for MSEDCL to take meter readings in such places, the consumers can send the meter readings. The customers should send meter readings through MSEDCL mobile app or website, said Pune Regional Director Ankush Nala.

After the introduction of the Centralized Billing System by MSEDCL, photo readings of meters from low voltage consumers are being taken on a fixed date from 1st to 25th of every month. The date fixed for the reading in the month is mentioned on the customer’s electricity bill. The meter number is also mentioned. MSEDCL is requesting all customers to send their readings in person through SMS every day before this fixed date of reading. Upto four days from the date of receipt of this message, customers will be able to send readings in person through the mobile app or website.

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If you click on ‘Submit Meter Reading’ in MSEDCL mobile app, if there is more than one customer number, select the number to which the meter reading is to be sent. Then mention the meter number. When taking meter readings, take photos only after the date and time on the screen of the electricity meter and the number of readings and KWh (excluding KW or KVA). Then mention and submit in the manual reading app as per the photo. Meter readings can be submitted directly after logging into the mobile app.

However, while submitting the meter reading as a guest, the OTP number received on the registered mobile has to be mentioned. Customers who want to upload photos and meter readings from the website www.mahadiscom.in need to register and login with the customer number.

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Benefits of taking meter readings on your own

This process, which takes only two to three minutes per month, will bring many benefits if the low voltage consumers send the meter readings and photos to MSEDCL every month. Regular attention will be paid to one’s meter and readings. Power consumption will also be controlled.

According to the readings, the bill can be confirmed. If the meter is faulty, it can be reported immediately. There will be no complaints about electricity bills. If the reading suddenly increases, the reasons can be found. Doubts can be reported for resolution. Due to these and various other benefits, consumers should send meter readings to MSEDCL every month on their own, appealed Pune Regional Director Ankush Nala.

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