Pune: Environmental Awareness Walk from Dehu to Alandi Organized by Indrayani Jal Mitra and Green Army Pimpri Chinchwad

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Dehu, 29th December 2023: An environment awareness walk has been organized by Indrayani Jal Mitra and Green Army Pimpri Chinchwad, aiming to promote the conservation of the environment and pay homage to the sacred sites of Dehu and Alandi Devachi. The event is scheduled for Sunday, December 31, at 8 am.

Dehu and Alandi are recognized as powerful and energy-laden places in Maharashtra. Sant Tukaram Maharaj and Dnyaneshwar Maharaj, through their teachings, have contributed thoughts and morals to the world. The event aims to traverse the distance between Dehu and Alandi on foot, seeking the blessings of these revered saints, and spreading a message of environmental conservation.

The walk is driven by the mission to safeguard the future generations of Maharashtra by advocating for a clean and beautiful environment. Participants are encouraged to engage in the environmental struggle and contribute to the cause of preserving nature.

The event is organized by Indrayani Jal Mitra, a group committed to the protection of the Indrayani River, and Green Army Pimpri Chinchwad, an initiative focusing on environmental sustainability. The Maharashtra Navnirman Sena is also actively involved in supporting this noble cause.