Pune: Even After Heavy Rains, 43 Villages Still Dependent On Tankers For Water Supply

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Pune, 8th July 2022: The Ghat areas of the Pune district are experiencing heavy rains for the past few days. But still, 91,000 citizens from the district are supplied water by 51 tankers. At present, 43 villages from nine talukas have been supplied with water by private tankers.


In June, the monsoon rains had turned back. As a result, the water storage in the dams was reduced rapidly due to the lack of rain. More than 60 villages in the district were without water as the dams reached the bottom level. These villages were supplied with water through government and private water tankers.

However, for the past few days various parts of the district have been getting heavy rains. But, 43 villages and 273 towns from nine talukas like Ambegaon, Baramati, Bhor, Haveli, Junnar, Khed, Purandar, Shirur, and Velhe are being supplied water by 51 private water tankers.