Pune: Extension Granted for Maratha Community Survey in Maharashtra Amidst Challenges

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Pune, 31st January 2024: The Maharashtra State Backward Class Commission has officially extended the deadline for completing the survey of the Maratha community and open-category families in the state. Originally set for January 31, 2024, the new deadline is now February 2, 2024, to accommodate challenges faced by enumerators in certain areas.


In a recent statement, the Commission acknowledged that some regions may face difficulties in concluding the survey by the initial deadline and, therefore, decided on the extension. Despite the urgency of the task, enumerators have encountered obstacles such as denial of entry into large societies, bureaucratic hurdles, and residents’ reluctance to disclose personal information.


Punekar News highlighted the resistance impeding the Maratha community survey earlier, which is crucial for determining social, educational, and economic backwardness for reservation purposes. Enumerators are working diligently to address these challenges and ensure the successful completion of the survey, even with the extended deadline.


Local authorities and survey teams have been urged to make a concerted effort to achieve a 100% completion rate in their respective districts and municipal areas by the new deadline of February 2, 2024. Furthermore, they are requested to submit certificates of survey completion to the Commission by 10:00 am on February 3, 2024.


The survey plays a pivotal role in understanding the socio-economic landscape of the Maratha community and open-category families, guiding future policies related to reservation and affirmative action.