Pune: Factories Unable To Get Raw Materials, Industries Facing Financial Crunch

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Pimpri, 5th May 2021: During the recent lockdown imposed by the Maharashtra state government, essential services and industries have been permitted for the work. However, the shops supplying raw materials to the industries are closed due to the lockdown and manufacturers are not getting raw materials. Consequently, more than 500 small industries are closed while Rs 1,500 crore turnovers have come to a standstill.

There are more than five thousand small-scale industries in Pimpri-Chinchwad, Bhosari, Chakan, and surrounding areas. It employs about five lakh workers. The government has excluded small scale industries from the lockdown so that the industries in the state can continue, and it provides a livelihood to the workers. So the industries are operating. However, the government has not allowed many shops which are providing raw materials to the industries.


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Despite the demand for some products from large factories, manufacturers and small scale entrepreneurs have been facing difficulties in getting raw materials. Most of the workers are sitting because there is no work in the factories. Even if the factories are closed, the manufacturers have to pay various taxes. As a result, unrest has spread among the manufacturers.

The government has allowed the factory to continue. However, shops supplying raw materials to factories are not allowed. Therefore, small-scale industries do not get spare parts. As a result, many factories are closed. So the production of most factories has declined by sixty to seventy percent, said Dilip Bhatwal, Secretary, and Federation of Chakan Industries.

The state government has allowed exports of manufactured goods. While shopkeepers who supply raw materials to small businesses are also allowed, action is taken by the police after the shops open. As a result, shops are closed by them. Therefore, small-scale industries do not get raw materials. Production has declined by fifty percent due to the non-availability of raw materials, said Sandeep Belsare, President, Small Scale Industries Association, Pimpri-Chinchwad.

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