Pune Family Court Orders Woman To Pay Rs 25,000 Per Month Alimony To Her 83-Year-Old Husband

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Pune, 24th June 2022: As a result of ongoing family disputes, one may have heard many cases of a husband giving alimony to his wife for her daily needs. However, in a lawsuit filed by a couple, the court has ordered the 78-year-old wife to pay interim alimony of Rs 25,000 per month to her 83-year-old husband. They filed for divorce in 2019 after completing 55 years of marriage.




Judge Raghavendra Aradhye of the Family Court gave the verdict. This is the first case in the state where such a large amount of alimony has been ordered by the husband’s side, said advocate Vaishali Chandane.

The 83-year-old petitioner, who is seeking divorce and alimony, is a director of an educational institution. His 78-year-old wife is the president of the organization. Ashok and Lata (both names have been changed) were married in 1964. They have two married daughters. 

He has also been repeatedly harassed by Lata for the past several years for leaving the institution and leaving home.

When Lata fell seriously ill, Ashok took good care of her. Her illness was completely cured. He also endured harassment from his wife. She forbade him to eat at home. The applicant suffers from diabetes and heart disease. He needs to take food and medicine on time. Despite the circumstances, he was not taken care of by his wife, his petition claimed.

Fed up with his wife’s harassment, Ashok finally filed for divorce. The two have also accused each other of having an extramarital affair.

“If the husband has no source of income and his wife is earning and there are ongoing family disputes between them, then the husband can also file a claim for alimony under Section 24 of the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955. This case proves that not only the wife but also the unjust men get justice,” informed Adv. Vaishali Chandne, the petitioner man’s lawyer.