Pune family raises 50,000 rupees for feeding animals

Bhosale Nagar dog feeder family Pune
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Mehab Qureshi

Pune, June 7, 2020: Amid the stringent lockdown, Animal rights activists in collaboration with state governments and public volunteer groups have been undertaking the work of feeding stray animals facing starvation.

Mihika Awate (21), a resident of Bhosale Nagar, who is actively feeding stray animals, along with her family members-Sabiya Awate (her sister), Sheetal Awate (her mother), Vinay Awate (her father) have raised Rs 50,000 for feeding strays. The Awates have been feeding the dogs and cats since the beginning of the lockdown.

“This idea occurred to us naturally; we did not decide or plan; this is a responsibility that not only animal lovers but every citizen should act upon,” said Mihika.

Social networking helped raise fund: Networking and WhatsApp shares had made this possible. From sterilizing the cats to feeding strays, people have been supportive and have acknowledged our work. They trusted that the money donated will be used to help the starving animals, stated Mihika.

Animal feeders face harassment: When asked about why do animal feeders face harassment from people around them? Animal-Human activist Diksha Thakkar told Punekarnews.in, “what happens is that with animal lovers like us, we are biased and we don’t think about humans.”

“If you are an irresponsible feeder, chances are you are going to face harassment from people around you,” she added. 

Thakkar shared a few points on how one can be a responsible feeder.

Six ways you can become a responsible feeder

-First of all, strays are scavengers, and they search for their food on their own. That does not mean you stop feeding animals; they should only be fed once a day.

-Second, the quantity that you feed is also significant. Make sure that the animal does not rely on you for food.

-Third, stop touching your stray dogs. The moment you caress your dogs, they develop affection and trust in humans. Also, Not every human being is going to like it. However,make sure you don’t pet these dogs.

-Fourth, timing is crucial. Generally, it would help if you feed strays early morning or late at night. At this time, the dogs are usually calm as they are exhausted. Hence, they would not run behind vehicles or chase any passerby.

-Fifth, sterilization and vaccination is also a vital need and a responsibility of every animal feeder.

-Lastly, animal lovers’ most common mistake is feeding the strays in housing societies and residential areas. They are supposed to be fed on the road away from people.

‘Humans and animals can co-exist’

“If all the points mentioned above are kept in mind, there are fewer chances of facing harassment. Also, communication is crucial, and feeders are supposed to be responsible in terms of hygiene and cleanliness. Humans and animals can co-exist,” concluded Thakkar, who is also a dog trainer.


Dog feeder family from Bhosale Nagar Pune