Pune: Father’s Day Marred by Shocking Allegations; Stepfather Arrested for Burn Marks on Daughter

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Pune, 16th June 2024: Today, the world is celebrating International Father’s Day, but amidst this occasion, a shocking incident has unfolded in Pune. A case has emerged where a man allegedly inflicted burns with a knife on his 4-year-old daughter. The Bharati Vidyapeeth Police have arrested the accused father, Sunil Chauhan, in connection with this crime. Reports indicate that these incidents occurred between 5th June and 14th June.


The 4-year-old girl had been frequently crying at school, prompting her teacher to inspect her. Upon examination, burn marks were discovered on her hands. The teacher encouraged the girl to confide in her, leading to the revelation of this horrifying incident.


The accused is the stepfather of the girl. Both the mother and stepfather work as labourers, which initially deterred the mother from reporting the abuse to the police. However, as the stepfather continued to harass the girl and she revealed this incident to her teacher, the mother eventually filed a complaint with the Bharati Vidyapeeth Police Station.


According to reports, the accused allegedly behaved inappropriately with his stepdaughter and inflicted burns on her using a hot knife. The girl has been deeply traumatized by these events. Bharati Vidyapeeth Police are currently conducting further investigations into this distressing matter.