Husband Slits Wife’s Throat at Pune Lodge Following Familial Dispute, Then Flees

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Dhankawadi, 16th June 2024: Due to a familial dispute, a man from Pune has slit his wife’s throat with a knife, resulting in her death. This shocking incident occurred in a lodge, with the accused currently absconding. The murder happened late at night on Saturday (15th June) at Ashwini Lodge in Dhankawadi.


The deceased has been identified as Kajal Krishna Kadam, aged 27. A case has been registered against Krishna Kadam at the Bharati Vidyapeeth Police Station.


According to police reports, Kajal and Krishna were labourers who had been experiencing marital disputes for several months. They had decided to divorce but wanted to give their relationship one last chance. On Saturday afternoon, they met at Ashwini Lodge in Dhankawadi. After consuming alcohol, they began to argue again. During the fight, Krishna slit Kajal’s throat. He then locked the room from the outside and has been missing since.


The absconding Krishna informed a friend about the incident. This friend alerted the Bharati Vidyapeeth Police Station. The police went to the lodge, found Kajal dead, and are now investigating the matter further.