Pune: Firodia Karandak Competition Starts From Saturday; Selection Of 30 Teams For Preliminary Round

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Pune, 6th February 2023: The Firodia Karandak competition, which takes the form of a combined invention of various arts and gives a platform to the talents of college students, begins on Saturday (February 11). 30 teams have been selected for the preliminary round of the tournament which will last till February 15, and the final round will be held on February 25 and 26.

This year marks the 49th year of the Firodia Karandak Inter-College Various Merit Competition organized by Socio-Economic Development Institute, Swapnabhoomi Nirman, and HCL Foundation. The competition will be held at Anna Bhau Sathe Theater in Padmavati in the form of a ‘one-hour film on stage’.

Firodia Karandak is the only innovative competition where various arts such as Drama, Music, Dance, Sculpture, Painting, Animation, and Puppet Shows are presented on a single stage.

The preliminary round of the competition will be held from February 11 at Anna Bhau Sathe Theater in two sessions, i.e., 1.30 pm and 6.00 pm. “This year, more than 50 colleges have participated in the competition and according to the pre-preliminary round and last year’s results, 30 teams have been selected for the preliminary round,” said the organizer of the competition, Ajinkya Kulkarni.