Pune: First Day Of BMPWA Masters Tournament Highlights

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Pune, 4th January 2024: The first day of the BMPWA Masters Tournament kicked off with a grand inauguration at 10.30 am, conducted by Pratima Pradeep Kundaji, the wife of the late Pradeep Kundaji.

The ceremony included the lighting of the lamp and a floral tribute to the late Pradeep Kundaji, setting a respectful tone for the event.

The game was officially opened after Pratima Kundaji ceremoniously hit the shuttle to mark the beginning of the tournament.

Today’s winners in the 35+ category are as follows:

35+ Men’s Doubles:
– Gold: Sachidanand Naik and Pramod Kundaji
– Silver: DS Parmar and Himanshu Chowdhary

Women’s Singles:
– Gold: Uttara Watve
– Silver: Sulbha Apte

Women’s Doubles:
– Gold: Rajni Dharane and Sonal Priyanka Lakra

55+ Women’s Singles:
– Gold: Jyoti Somaiah
– Silver: Shrutha Keerthi

Women’s Doubles:
– Gold: Shrutha Keerthi and Jyoti Somaiah

60+ Women’s Singles:
– Gold: Kusum Vijayanand
– Silver: Lata Anthony

Women’s Doubles:
– Gold: V. Gowramma and Silver: Saroja BR

65+ Women’s Doubles:
– Gold: SL Kanyakumari and Sharada Sampath
– Silver: Saroja BR

70+ Women’s Doubles:
– Gold: Vijayalakshmi Gudipudi and Sulbha Apte