Pune: Friends of Porsche Accident Victims ‘Released’ from Yerwada Police Station Only After Bail Granted To Minor Driver

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Reported By Tikam Shekhawat

Pune, 24th May 2024: In a tragic incident in Pune’s Kalyani Nagar, a Porsche allegedly driven by a 17-year-old boy hit a motorcycle from behind, resulting in the deaths of two IT professionals Ashwini Koshta (24) and Aneesh Awadhiya (24), both natives of Madhya Pradesh. The juvenile was reported to be drunk at the time of the incident, sparking national attention.

Sampreet, the brother of the deceased IT engineer Ashwini Koshta, recounted the ordeal to Tikam Shekhawat, consulting editor of Punekar News. Sampreet expressed concerns about the procedures followed by Pune police, especially regarding the retrieval of his brother’s body. Despite formalities requiring documentation from Madhya Pradesh, assistance from the authorities was lacking. Additionally, he also highlighted that friends accompanying the victim’s body were kept at the Yerwada Police Station, raising questions about the reasons behind their detainment.

The prolonged wait at the police station, lasting until late at night, further added to the family’s distress. While bail was eventually granted, the friends of the victim remained detained until evening, prompting queries regarding the rationale behind their prolonged detention compared to others. Sampreet hinted at suspicions that the delay might have been orchestrated to suppress the issue. Allegations of preferential treatment were raised, especially concerning reports of pizzas and cold drinks being served without available footage to substantiate the claim.

In response, Tikam Shekhawat assured Sampreet of Punekar News’ commitment to investigate the matter further with Pune police. He emphasized the need for transparency and accountability, particularly in cases involving loss of life.


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Shekhawat reiterated solidarity with Sampreet and his family during this challenging time, underscoring the importance of stringent departmental actions to prevent similar incidents in the future.