Pune: Government Approves Rs 792.39 Crore Investment for Four-Lane Expansion of NH 965: Dive Ghat to Hadapsar

Nitin Gadkari
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Pune, 14th December 2023:

The Ministry of Road Transport & Highways (MoRTH) has officially given the green signal for the much-anticipated four-lane expansion project on National Highway 965, stretching from Dive Ghat to Hadapsar. The monumental initiative, estimated at Rs 792.39 crore, is set to ease traffic congestion along the vital route.


The project, sanctioned under a hybrid annuity mode, encompasses the enhancement of the existing 13.25 km stretch of NH 965 in the Mohol-Alandi section of Maharashtra. Nitin Gadkari, the Union Minister of Road Transport & Highways, confirmed the project’s approval through his official Twitter handle.


Gadkari’s tweet highlighted, “Four-lane expansion of the existing 13.25 km stretch of National Highway 965 from Dive Ghat to Hadapsar (Package-6) in Mohol-Alandi section of Maharashtra has been sanctioned on hybrid annuity mode with funds of Rs 792.39 crore.”


Elaborating on the anticipated benefits, the tweet emphasized, “After expansion, the four-lane road will alleviate traffic congestion issues in Hadapsar and Dive Ghat. Moreover, with over 10 lakh Warkaris traversing this route during Ashadhi Wari, the 4-lane expansion aims to significantly ease traffic woes during these events.”


NCP MP Supriya Sule also shared her appreciation for the project’s approval on Twitter, stating, “We are delighted to announce that the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways (MoRTH) has allocated Rs 792.39 crore for the four-lane expansion of the 13.25 km stretch of National Highway No. 965 from Hadapsar to Dive Ghat.”


Highlighting the project’s potential impact, Sule emphasized, “Upon completion, this initiative will substantially mitigate traffic congestion along the Hadapsar – Dive Ghat route. Additionally, considering the passage of Sant Dnyaneshwar Maharaj’s Palkhi along this path, the expanded route will ensure a smooth Palkhi ceremony without congestion.”