Pune: Hadapsar-Mundhwa Ward Grapples with Unpaid Salaries for 703 Cleaners

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Hadapsar, 5th February 2024: The sweeping staff employed by the Hadapsar-Mundhwa ward zonal office of Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has endured the distressing situation of not receiving their salaries for the past three months. Frustrated by the lack of payment, the workers are urging the contractor to fulfil their rightful wages promptly. In response to this pressing issue, Pramod Bhangire, the city chief of Shiv Sena (Eknath Shinde faction), reached out to Additional Municipal Commissioner Kunal Khemnar. Bhangire warned of potential agitation if the contractor fails to disburse the pending wages to these workers without further delay.

A total of 703 contract cleaners are engaged in the upkeep of 22 Arogya Kothas under the Hadapsar Regional Office. Their daily routine involves arriving at six o’clock in the morning to clean the roads in the Hadapsar area. However, their financial stability has been compromised as they have not received their salaries from the contractor for the past three months.

Expressing their grievances, the workers congregated on the premises of the regional office to seek a resolution. Bhangire, accompanied by Ulhas Tupe, intervened promptly by contacting Khemnar and urging him to address the wage-related concerns of these workers. Bhangire emphasized that immediate action is necessary to disburse the pending salaries, warning of potential protests if the matter is not promptly resolved.