Pune: Haveli Police Issues Notice Against Loud DJ Noise In Khadakwasla Area

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Khadakwasla, 21st May 2022: The programs carried out at hotel, farmhouse with high capacity and unauthorized DJ music within the limits of Khadakwasla, Sinhagad Road area, Haveli Police Station, will now be costly, the Haveli Police station under Pune rural police has issued a notice regarding this.



Complaints about the DJ have gone to the police due to the increasing noise. As a matter of urgency, the police have issued a notice and directed to keep the noise level below 40 decibels. Currently, DJs are playing songs at 70 decibels or more. Action has been taken immediately after receiving complaints regarding the noise. The release of the notice by the Haveli police will provide relief to children and the elderly along with preventing noise pollution.