Pune: Hazardous Fiber Cables Pose Threat to Pedestrian Safety in Kalyani Nagar, Residents Demand Action from PMC

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Kalyani Nagar, 18th December 2023: Concerned residents of Kalyani Nagar have raised alarm over the perilous state of fiber cables on footpaths, highlighting the potential danger they pose to pedestrians. Instances of these cables hanging dangerously and exposed have been observed in various locations, including in front of Taco Bell at Gold Adlabs Mariplex Mall and opposite Sunshine Court Society on Central Avenue.

The residents express serious apprehension about the risk these cables pose to public safety, emphasizing the urgency of addressing the issue. Footpaths, designed for safe pedestrian passage, have become potential danger zones due to the neglect of cable operators.

Despite the gravity of the situation, the matter has not received the attention it warrants. The residents are calling on the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) to take immediate action against cable operators violating the law by encroaching on footpaths.

“We’ve witnessed numerous instances where these cables are not only hanging precariously but also left exposed. This jeopardizes the safety of pedestrians and could lead to accidents and injuries,” says a concerned resident.

The residents urge the PMC to enforce measures ensuring cable operators secure and organize their cables properly to prevent accidents or harm to residents. The violation of footpath space by these cables is viewed as a direct threat to public safety, and residents are demanding swift and effective intervention.