Pune: Kalyani Nagar Residents Voice Concerns Over Deplorable Traffic Signals

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Kalyani Nagar, 18th December 2023: Residents of Kalyani Nagar in Pune have raised alarm bells over the deteriorating condition of traffic signals at Gold Adlabs Chowk, Pune, citing persistent issues that pose a threat to daily commuters’ safety and convenience.

The concerned residents have specifically identified two major issues at the bustling junction:

1. Broken Signal Creates Chaos: At the heart of the problem is a completely broken traffic signal, leaving drivers in a state of confusion and struggling to navigate through the intersection. The malfunctioning signal has resulted in frequent traffic congestion and near misses, exacerbating the risk of accidents that could be easily avoided with a properly functioning signal.

2. Tilted Signal Adds to Peril: Another signal at the junction is tilting precariously, hindering drivers’ ability to correctly interpret the signals. This issue is particularly problematic during nighttime, as dim lighting further compromises visibility, making it challenging for drivers to navigate through the already tilted signals.

Regular commuters passing through this junction have reported witnessing numerous close calls and accidents, all of which could have been prevented with timely maintenance and proper upkeep of the traffic signals. Despite multiple complaints from both locals and commuters, the issues persist, raising concerns about the safety of those using the intersection.

Residents are now urging prompt action to address these pressing concerns and ensure the safety of Pune’s citizens. They emphasize that it is the responsibility of the traffic police to guarantee the proper functioning of traffic signals, providing a secure environment for all road users. The residents hope that authorities will respond swiftly to rectify the issues and alleviate the risks associated with the current state of the traffic signals at Gold Adlabs Chowk.