Pune: Here Books Are Available on Rent for Rs 2 to 5 Per Day

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Pune, August 25, 2020: A big shout out to all book lovers! With the extended lockdown and unlock phases, books have turned out to be dear friends for the bookworms and made the stay at home exercise bearable. While many have been dusting their old books to re-read them just to not miss reading, some have resorted to ebooks. But buying books or subscribing to e-books isn’t always convenient and feasible. So here is good news for the bookworms; Pune’s Army Institute of Technology (AIT) students have brought back the library system in a modified and digital way. 

The 4th year engineering students – Vishal Singh and Aditya Singh – have co-founded a start-up ‘Tilted Books’ where books will be available on rent for Rs 5. This platform allows people to lend and rent books online through their website www.tiltedbooks.in. Well, this platform isn’t only for book lovers, but also caters to students aspiring for competitive exams. They facilitate educational books as well.

“At Tilted Books people can rent novel (fiction/non-fiction) at Rs 5/day and school or college exam books at Rs 3/day and we provide home delivery for books. After 20 days of renting a book, the charge becomes Rs 2/day. Once people read the book they will have to return them and that can be easily done from our website, our delivery guy will come and take it back,” said Co-founder Vishal Singh. 

The start-up provides an opportunity for readers to earn money as well. “Almost everyone has books at their home that they might not want to read anymore, these people can lend their books to us and whenever their book is rented from our site, we will give them 30 percent of the total rent amount that will be gained from the book. Readers often are good writers too, we have provided a section where people can write blogs and their stories and we will give 70 percent of total income coming from their blogs,” said Singh.

Tilted Books has a huge range of book collections. Nonetheless, they have to source of availing books to readers/customers; one from the four libraries they tied-up with (likely to expand the tie-ups with more libraries) and people who are willing to lend their books. At present, the service is available across Pune.

“It’s a known fact that people can easily read ebooks for free. Everyone loves reading physical books but the reason they read free ebooks is that many find it costly to buy books, as on average any book can cost Rs 400. Also, a lot of people who want to prepare for a single exam need that particular book relevant for the exam preparation for only 2-4 weeks but are forced to buy it because there is no good alternate option available. So, we decided to solve this issue and make books cheap and available to everyone,” Singh told Punekarnews.in.

He added that everyone has some or other educational books or novels at their home that they have already read. They can either keep it or give them to someone, and these books become a kind of liability to them. Through this medium, the start-up company provides an opportunity to them of lending their books or can get rid of the extra books and even earn from them as an asset, stated Singh.

Tilted Books Cofounders Vishal Singh and Aditya Singh
                                                    Tilted Books Cofounders Vishal Singh and Aditya Singh