Pune: Hyundai To Invest Rs 5,000 Crore For A Project In Pune, LG To Invest 900 Crore For Expansion Of Existing Unit

uday samant
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Pune 13th August 2023: Pune has been tuning out to be favoutite place for the foreign companies to invest and start their projects in the last few years. Many new projects have come up in the city in the recent time. The Maharashtra Minister of Industries Uday Samant who recently returned from a foreign tour to South Korea has announced that two foreign companies have planned major investment in Pune.

According to Samant, Hyundai has decided to invest Rs 5,000 Crore for a project in Pune. The investment will be done in two phases and it will create employment for around 4,500 people. He also said that the supplier companies of Hyundai have also planned to invest around Rs 4,000 Crore in the coming time. Hyundai will continue to invest in this project till 2028.

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The minister also said that another famous company LG that already has its unit in Ranjangaon in the district has plans to expand its operation by spending around Rs 900 Crore. Besides this, Lotte Wellfood, another company of South Korea that already has its unit in Pune will invest around Rs 475 Crore to start manufacturing products of its Havmor brand.

Hyundai, LG and Lotte Wellfood all these companies are from South Korea and Minister Uday Samant recently visited the country with a delegation of Maharashtra. He also said that a delegation of South Korea will also visit Maharashtra soon and more companies are likely to invest in the state.