Pune: Immersion Of 27,000 Ganesha Idols In Five Days; Nearly 30,000 Kg Nirmalya Collected By PMC

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Pune, 5th September 2022: While Ganeshotsav is being celebrated with fervour, household Ganesha immersions have started. In the last five days, 27,375 Ganesh idols have been immersed in Pune city. Out of these 16,725 Ganesha idols have been immersed in iron tanks kept at various places in the city.

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Due to two years of the Covid-19 pandemic, Ganeshotsav was celebrated simply. Public Ganesh Mandals were banned from making large statues. Citizens were also urged to celebrate the festival at home without going out. Therefore, the people of Pune celebrated the festival with restraint.


Accordingly, the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has set up a good arrangement for Ganesh’s immersion in the entire city. These included iron tanks in each area, as well as rotating immersion troughs.


As the corona has come under control, this year Ganeshotsav is being celebrated without restrictions. PMC has made arrangements at 303 places for immersion. So 191 idol collection centres, 280 Nirmalya collection centres, and 150 moving wells have been arranged.

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So far 27,375 Ganesha idols have been immersed in 1.5 days, 3, 4 and 5 days of Ganeshotsav. Out of these 15, 832 idols were immersed on the fifth day.


Citizens had given a great response to the collection of idols last year. Out of total idol immersion, 40 to 45 per cent of idols were collected without immersion. This year, out of 27,375 idols, 3,918 idols have been collected and the amount is only 14 per cent.


In five days, 29,677 kg of Nirmalya has been deposited with the Municipal Corporation. It is going to be prepared by the Municipal Corporation for making vermicompost. Later, this manure will be given to municipal parks and agriculture.


“In five days of Ganeshotsav, 27,375 Ganesh idols have been immersed, while 29,677 kg of Nirmalya has been accumulated. Iron wells, idol collection centres, and mobile wells have been arranged so that citizens can immerse their idols near their homes,” said Asha Raut, Deputy Commissioner, Solid Waste Department


Immersion In the Last Five Days:

Immersion of the idol in a built tank – 4,558

Immersion of idol in iron tank -16,725

Collected Idols – 3,917

Immersion of idols in moving wells – 2,174

Nirmalya collected – 29,667 kg