Pune Implements Facial Recognition Technology: 2,880 Cameras Installed for Crime Prevention

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Pune, 20th November 2023: Pune City Police have initiated the practical implementation of facial recognition software to primarily deter criminal activities. A network of 2,880 cameras equipped with this technology has been strategically positioned across various locations within the city.


This cutting-edge software registers information of all recorded offenders, utilizing a biometric face recognition system. When a suspected criminal enters a crowded area, the software detects their presence, triggering an alert to the police machinery. Immediate action ensues, including pinpointing the location and apprehending the individual.


Especially effective in places bustling with activity like transit hubs, festivals, and crowded markets, the software proves highly beneficial in nabbing pickpockets, mobile snatchers, and burglars.


The deployment of these cameras and software in pivotal areas could potentially provide the police with crucial insights into criminal activities. When a suspect’s image matches with the stored database, the software instantly flags them, showcasing how closely the individual aligns with the recorded criminal history.


Moreover, authorities can utilize this software not only in police vehicles but also in stationary devices, empowering them to temporarily halt suspicious vehicles in crowded areas, enhancing overall security measures.


This technology, long employed in progressive nations like the United States, has proven to be a formidable tool against crime for several years. As its usage expands, it is expected to maintain a stringent check on offenders. Public spots such as railway stations, bus terminals, and public squares could significantly benefit from this technology, as highlighted by police authorities.


Instances where this technology has been put into action include its use during the Navratri festival at the Chaturshringi Temple, leading to the apprehension of individuals suspected of serious crimes like bag snatching, pickpocketing, and other such offenses. This successful implementation has prompted discussions within the police force regarding its potential application in other crowded areas and events like Ganesh Chaturthi, public protests, marketplaces, and busy intersections.


“This innovative use of technology has not only aided in apprehending potential suspects but has also been instrumental in providing pertinent data from police records,” said Ritesh Kumar, Pune’s Police Commissioner.