Chhath Puja Celebration Illuminates Pune’s Aundh with Tradition and Unity

Chhath Puja in Aundh Pune
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Aryan Agarwal
Aundh, 19th November 2023: The Chhath Puja celebration took place at various locations in Pune and Pimpri-Chinchwad, one of which took place at Maling Ghat, Aundh, organized by Vikas Chandra and family.

The third-day rituals of the Puja occurred on Sunday, commencing around 4 pm. The event drew participants, spectators, and even a few politicians.
Subhash Gupta, an organizing member, highlighted that despite being from Uttar Pradesh, they celebrate Chhath in Pune, emphasizing that one can perform the rituals from any location. Organizing the festival in Aundh has been a tradition for over 20 years, and it is open to anyone interested, according to Gupta.

When addressing the challenges of organizing the Puja, Gupta mentioned the lack of assistance during the preparation phase, which involves a week-long cleaning process. However, the satisfaction of a successful Chhath celebration makes it worthwhile.

Neha Gupta, another organizer, expressed that for people from UP and Bihar, Chhath is akin to Diwali, celebrated with immense enthusiasm. The attendance has grown over the years, attracting more devotees to the Puja.

Nilesh Gupta, a member of the organizing family, clarified that it’s not a single-family effort but a collaborative endeavor involving individuals like Vikas Chandra, Subhash Gupta, Balasaheb Ranawade, Sachin Manwatkar, Prakash Dhore, and other politicians from Aundh Gaon and Sangvi. They have been organizing Chhath at this location since 1997. Sourabh Kundlik, Secretary of BJP’s Youth Wing in Maharashtra, was also present at the Puja.

Laxman Das, a spectator, expressed his strong attachment to Chhath, joining the celebration as soon as he learned about it. Pushpa Shrivastav, another spectator, wanted to celebrate Chhath in Bihar but couldn’t due to work. Nevertheless, witnessing the Puja in Pune felt like being at home.

The fourth day of Chhath, featuring rituals at sunrise, is scheduled to take place at the same location as the third day, anticipating a larger presence of devotees.